Bilaal, you’re truly an amazing kid. Keep up the good work, Mashallah!

Arif Ali (Chicago)

With Ismaili kids like Bilaal, there are only two things I can
1) Our future is truly secured.
2) Ismailies are hitting up the global scene left and right. World watch out!

Asif Rashid

Bilaal you have made yourself a light which will never be perished I congartulate you for your excellent work may almighty allah bless you and your family members with happiness courage long life & prosperity Amen.
Wish you best of luck!

Hussain Ghulam Ali (Karachi Pakistan)

May the spark you ignite in others continues to tend the fire inside you…
Best wishes for success in all your undertakings



Hey Bilaal, you are not only an inspiration to the kids but adults alike. Generosity and kindness are some of the virtues we Muslims foster and you are a living example of that. Congratulations and every success in all your future endeavours and your dream of becoming an astronaut and a neurosurgeon. I am an Ismaili and I am very proud of you!

Dolly Bandali (Edmonton)

Ismaili Community Is Very Proud Of You. You Have Given The Spark To The Whole Universe. I Had Tears In My Eyes When I Read Your Article. I Don’t Have Word’s To Express My Gratitude. You Will Achieve Anything You Desire. Good Luck And My Best Wishes. Your Parents Must Be Rejoicing To See Your Progress.

Amin Nasser

Hey Bilaal,
What an amazing thing you have achieved!! You are one in a million and I salute your commitment, your dedication and your values of helping others! Keep up the good work - congratulations!


Bilaal, what a wonderful work you are doing for the third world. Keep up the good work. We, Ismailies, are very proud of you. May you be blessed with long life, happiness and success in your career.


Bilaal, WOW, as an Ismaili you make me very proud. Keep up the good work, and I will be looking for your name on many more accomplishments that are sure to come. Congratulations to you and your family for your achivements.

Shafik Hirani

The voice of Bilaal was loud and clear. Today you reminded me of him who was chosen by the prophet to call out people to come together. you are definately an angel. Good job.

Almas Hirani

May mowla gives u strength to spread this spark in everybody’s heart n v r with u billal the champ among us.


Dear Bilaal
Congarulation to you and yours Family
Good Work Keep it up
Best Wishes for everywork in your Life


Congratulations and Well done Bilaal.
May the almighty Allah bless you and your family with lots of happiness and long healthy life. “Amen”
Best wishes for your success.

Shamim Khimji

I hope the spirit of generosity and the will to give and make the people understand that and have them share and give - live in within you for a long time to come. I really commend you and your family on your good deeds. Well done young man - may Mowla give you more and more courage everyday to carry on with your noble cause and help you achieve your goals and may you live a long, healthy and happy
life. Amen. May you succeed in all your endevours and may Mowla be with you every step of the way. Keep up the good work!


Bilaal…you make us so proud!
May He take you by the hand and teach you how to fly and forever enlighten you so you can fully participate in Allah’s creation. If you are ever in Calgary, phone me and I will take you out for a slurpee…I am sure you have many interesting stories to tell!
May you be blessed, Bilaal!

Nimira Haji

Hi 5’s to you!! Way to go!!You have a bright future ahead.May Allah safeguard you throughout-Amen.
Harji family wishes you the best!!

Nevin Harji (Montreal)

YAM Bilaal,
Good Job keep it up
All the best in your future endeavors.

Rozina Dhanji & Family

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Bilaal Rajan’s own blog.
The Five Million Dollar Kid.


Bilaal, we are all proud of you for doing the impossible for humanity at large and a role model for others to emulate. May Mowla bless you and your family and keep you under His protection. Amen.

Mansur Dhanani(Pakistan)

You have just proved that the only limits to what we can achieve are the ones we set ourself. You are blessed and I pray that you continue to spread this spark you ignite for many years to come. Bismillah!

Shenaz Ladhani

you are indeed not only the ambassador of UNICEF, but of ISLAM and his progeny…………….!
Keep up the good work, and be grounded and you will achieve your dreams………….maybe before you are 29 = 11, which if you could get this far, nothing is impossible 4 you Always remember where you come from and your journery and may you always be under his guidance and shadow to fulfil your dreams. i must give shabaash to your parents for raising someone like you (remember, Bilaal was the first muezin at “that” time and you will be first something at “this ” time of this 21st century

Nazafrene Damji

Dear Beelal,
You are super amazing kid and as Ismailis we Proud of You and your Family!!! Keep up your hard work and success will always knock your Door! Wish You all the Best in your Future Goals!

Fahima Sultani

Dear Bilaal,
Im only 14 though reading what you have accomplished makes me feel really young. I am very pleased to see an eleven year old do something pretty awesome!!!

Soraiya and Jacqui

Good work Bilaal.


Dear Bilaal,
Your work is inspiring not only the Ismailia community but the world community. The spark which you speak of has already been ignited by you and Inshallah there will be a spark in every heart. I am very proud of you and I am sure your parents are as well. I wish you luck on your journey and May Moula make all your dreams come true.
Best Wishes,

Ali Malek

Dear Bilaal,
The whole world must be proud of you. Keep up the good and challenging work. You are an inspiration for all the kids around the world. You have proved that it does not matter who ever you are your spirit of helping others and working hard on it makes this difference. The support of your family was the most important factor in your success and May God bless them and give you all the courage to keep up the hard work. May your wishes and goals in life come true. Once again congrats and good wishes.

Mr. & Mrs. Mirza Lakhani and family (Dallas, Texas)

It so happened that I was discussing about Ismailies and our faith with my colleagues at work and explaining them the ethics of AKDN, and I came thru this article, and WOW.. thereafter I just showed them the article and whatever I said about AKDN and Ismailies, was proved to be right. Awesome Job - Bilaal, Aman and Shamim, Awesome Timing - to do this deed in this particular year.

Jimmy Sarfani (Hyderabad, India)

Dear Bilaal,
You have been doing these philantropic acts for so many years and we in the u.s.a. Do not even know about it!!! I am so proud of you and pray that you do much greater similar acts in the future. I was reading a book ‘a passage to eternity” by azmina suleman and i understand from it that you have been sent to earth by our Lord to fulfill your mission of helping humankind in all ways possible. you have achieved a lot in your previous lives and now you have been blessed to carry on these most noble acts for the betterment of all humans, and generally, life. My best wishes are for you.

Ishtiaq Ali Jinnah

Dear Bilaal .


DEAR Bilaal


Dear Bilaal,
You make the Ismaili Community proud. Keep up the good work and may you always be blessed by Allah’s grace. Amen.


Congradulations on your big success. I am very proud of you. May Allah give you more strenght and courage to carry out these missions. I wish you all the best in your future successes. Amen

Shaida Khamisa

Ya Ali Madad Bilaal
We are extremely proud of you, your family and your grand parents in Calgary, who have inspired you, nurtured you and instilled such goodness in your heart. We pray that you continue this Momentum of caring, loving and compassion, and that you touch the hearts and lives of as many people as you can with Allah’s grace. We pray that you are given lots of opportunities to share your leadership qualities with the young and the not so young across Canada and around the world.
Bilaal, congratulations on your achievement and success in making such an amazing difference in our world, at such a young age of 11! You are unselfishly giving your life for the benefit of the people in the world. We all need to follow your example! There is so much work to be done!
It is unfortunate that on your last visit to Calgary, the opportunity was not there, for you to address our jamat, but we hope that those opportunities will be created for you, so that you can reach out to more young and the not so young minds and hearts.
Life is about serving others and you have found your purpose at such a young age!
Thank you and congratulations!

Nassim & Mohamed

Bilaal you are great as your name your work is god gifted all we need is more Bilaal so young boys wake up and inspire the living worldthank you and god blessyou

Dolly & Sadru Janmohamed

Congratulations on your achievements and success.We pray to Allah
to give you good health and courage to continue to make a difference
in the world.

Alkarim Pardhan (Choma)

Hi Bilaal
Congratulation… to you and your family.
We are proud of you.
Keep it up.

Nasreen Samnani

Great job Indeed!
I work in Afghanistan, and reading your article, made me feel that we need to do more for our jamat. You are an impact on others.I hope me, and my family avails opportunity to assist our Jamats in need.
I wish you good luck; you are truly a aspiration for me

Karimah Alidina

You are a true inspiration and we all are really very proud to have someone like you in our Ismaili community.
We pray for your success in your future endeavors.
Keep up the good work!!


Dearest Bilaal,
You are special angel, Send especially for US,
He will guide you on your way And be with you in all that you do.
We are proud of you.
Good Luck for your Future!!!!

Abdul Mohd, Shaker Khanum, Samina&Rahim, Dilshad&Hussain, &Aziz

Truly admirable…..Only if more in the world have the drive and selflessness you do…it would truly be a better place…Amazing. May God bless you with strength and courage to continue making a difference.


wow! what an amzing kid. U r the fire that we need in all of us. Keep up the good work….

Nawaz Muhamed (South Florida)

You are the man Bilaal! I am proud of you sir GREAT WORK! you are good example for my future kids.


Well done! Bilaal, you are really making a difference in our world. It will be the Youth of today that will be the ambassadors for tomorrow. May you achieve all your dreams, for yourself and the world.


Hi Bilaal,
Very impessed. I too had tears in my eyes when I read about you and your achievements. Truly your parents and your community are proud of what you have don and continue to do. All the best wishes for future

Nizar Mawani

Well done Bilaal,
My salute to you on your success

Ally Ladak

Dear Bilaal,
Mubarak, you make us all so proud! May MHI give you strength to continue in the right path.
May all your wishes come true.
May your parents and family be blessed with a lot of Barakat,unity, Peace, Success, Happiness, Health, Love and fulfill all your Dreams

Rayan & Rafael

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